CCW Information & Classes

I am discontinuing teaching CCW classes under the Black River name.  I will continue to teach, but I have partnered with IMTT and will be teaching classes through them.  You can find them here:
IMTT Tehachapi

All Classes Are Pre-Register Only!

Black River Gift Coins

These coins are the same as cash here at Black River.  They can be used to buy classes or items or used as gift certificates.  They are $50 each.  Contact me to buy.

The firing qualification is only 12 rounds.
You must qualify with each gun you want on your license.
Here is the shooting qualification course of fire:

4 Rounds @ 5 yards
2 Rounds gun hand only @ 5 yards
2 Rounds support hand only @ 5 yards
4 Rounds @ 7 yards

The shooting is not timed and begins from the ready position.  75% of the shots (9 of the 12) must be within the white area to qualify.  The standard FBI-Q target is the required target.